"If you are a photographer or videographer you MUST check out this site and include it as part of your workflow. The artists are exceptional and deliver exactly what the name of the site is, ‘ear candy’, – sweet, delicious music for your photographs and videos." - Tina Case Photography

“I was pretty excited when I found your site.  It’s true, you get what you pay for, and about 99% of the FREE royalty free stuff out there isn’t worth downloading, but I feel your membership fee is VERY reasonable considering the amount of music to which one has access and the quality of the music itself is just stellar!” - Whitney Miller Photography

“Great value and great music. I think you all are doing a terrific job and are truly providing a valuable service! I would highly recommend your site to any photographer looking for music for their projects." - Kristina Rust Photography

“Ear Candy offers a great way to start adding music to your slideshows with a variety large enough to have something for all musical tastes. It has allowed me a way to begin creating slideshows in studio without having to outsource them. I appreciate the opportunities having the All Access Pass affords me- I don’t have to worry about the musical tastes of my clients; I know I will have something to fit their session and their tastes.” - David Grupa Photography

“The music is amazing.” - DarrenHackney.com