Our License:

Please excuse our legal jargon…..if you have any questions just ask! info@earcandydigital.com

Upon purchase at standard pricing user is granted the following rights:

User (licensee)is granted Unlimited/Lifetime use (of below terms) on purchased/licensed song

*License is non-transferable and intended for a single user/single business

Photographer/Videographer License coverage:

Quick Guide:

  • Photographer/Videographer Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Client DVD’s

Website Streaming: Earcandydigital’s songs can be streamed on licensee’s website. (Not allowed to be downloaded from your site)

Streaming: User is allowed to couple Earcandydigital’s music with Photo Slideshow, Video, and as background. *restrictions include anything being duplicated over 25 copies such as DVD’s.

YouTubeVimeo are also covered under the standard license.

User must purchase a distribution license in order to duplicate and distribute anything with an Earcandydigital song included on it.

Earcandydigital Inc. reserves the rights to revoke your license if you are found to have violated the above terms and conditions.

Restricted uses include: Resale or distribution of song, TV/Film/radio broadcast including our work, editing, adding to, or re-creating ECD’s songs.

*Earcandydigital retains all rights and copyright on songs licensed ASCAP

For commercial use/exclusive ownership: info@earcandydigital.com